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Open Vice Multiplayer

on Януари 4th 2012, 21:22

Download link:
mta-ov.7z < Standalone, so no need to download Vice City.

Registry fix:

How to Install:
Put the loader in your 'mta' folder, and start Multi theft auto, then connect to

Game Rules:
  • No Spawnkilling (Punishment: 1st spawnkill = warning ; 2nd = kick; 3rd = 1-hour ban; 4th and last = permanent ban from the game)
  • Respect players and administrators(Punishment: 1st disrespect = kick; 2nd = 1 hour ban)
  • No vehicle/ramp spawning on safe/spawn zone (Punishment: 1st spawn = 300-second jailtime; 2nd = kick; 3rd = 1 hour ban; 4th and latter = permanent ban from the game)

Source Code:
Source code available upon request, contact NTAuthority.

Technical Issues:

If you get this error :
Multi Theft Auto has not been installed properly, please reinstall. [Registry key not writable]
and you are sure you have played the loader in the correct folder, try running Multi Theft Auto.exe as administrator

If you time out, be sure not to whine about it. Current MTA version is unstable and we are working on a solution.

Before playing, make sure to rename yourself in the settings.

~ от Шефа
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