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star Gmask

on Юни 17th 2012, 16:25


Gmask is ancient software used to cover up porn photos. Some people use it to hide naughty images and some people use it to play a decoding game to solve the image.

To Gmask an image

  1. Drag a box over the area you want to mask
  2. Press random buttons at the top
  3. ???
  4. Profit

To UnGmask an image

  1. Highlight the exact area of the mask
  2. Do whatever was done to the image in the reverse order, with the exception of M- and M+ which you need to do the opposite mask for. So if M+ was used to mask, M- is used to unmask.

Types of masks
  • M+/M- - checkerboards that cancel each other out
  • Fl - spirals
  • Win - vertical lines, like looking through a smeared window'
  • Neg - photo negative, can only be done once before canceling itself out
  • V glass - vertical glass. Think vertical glass panes
  • H glass - horizontal glass.
  • H+V glass (QO) - combination of the above
  • Flips - Reverse an image left to right or top to bottom
  • CP - requires a password. This sounds nefarious.


Gmask originally came out for Windows 1.0 in 1984.

Current status

Not used very often, but the occasional gmask thread will pop up on some boards.

  • Gmaskers advise others to mask in moderation so the masks are solvable
  • Gmask the software is not related to Gmask the iPhone skinner.
  • Gmasking CP will not make it any less illegal
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